Who We Are

Innatus - National Institute of Technology for Nature’s Sustainable Use

INNATUS stands for National Institute of Technology for Nature’s Sustainable Use. We are a Brazilian Non-Governmental Organization, funded in 2004, and constituted in accordance to Brazilian Ministry of Justices as a non-profit organization with the objective of restoration of degraded ecosystems, social and environmental education, and research.

Our projects are funded both by large corporations and by relevant national and international institutions, as you can find in our Portuguese Partner's page. INNATUS fosters and executes projects which combine economical sustainable development and ecosystems conservation. In our projects we focus in respecting the local cultural and biological diversities and communities’ social demands to result in income generation and distribution among populations.

Diagnosis, planning and management of natural resources are the pillars of our methodology. We conduct our actions in a multidisciplinary way to promote development, respect to human rights, cooperation and sense of solidarity.