Where we Work

Rio de Janeiro State, Brasil


We are working together with Brazilian conservancy authority ICMBio in the two of the most important conservation areas (GUAPIMIRIM Protected Area and GUANABARA Natural Reserve) located in the north-eastern shoreline of Guanabara Bay, a marshy ecosystem in which mangroves struggle to keep dominating the landscape.

Since 2005 Innatus work in this region, among projects that fosters environmental education, income generation to local riverains, ecotourism planning and implementation and more recently, the ecosystems restoration.

Mosaico Central Fluminense

Innatus is the Executive Secretary of “Mosaico” since 2011, but we supported the creation and performance of Technical Office of this Rio de Janeiro Central Rain Forest Framework since 2009.

APA Petrópolis

Innatus history started in Petropolis, when we were in our set-up process. Members that founded this Institute  carried researches and actions in association with the Geosciences Institue of Federal Rio de Janeiro University.