What We Do

Environment, Technology and Development

INNATUS performs surveys, technical research and promote debates within local communities, contributing either with the management of existing conservation units or with the articulation and other support activities in order to create new ones. That was the case of Suruí Municipal Protected Area (Suruí APA), created in Magé, a municipality situated only 30 miles far from Rio de Janeiro capital city. In the occasion of the Creation of the Suruí APA, INNATUS provided the reference studies which were used in the complex legal and legislative procedure applicable when creating a new protected area.

Since 2011 INNATUS is acting as executive director in the Technical Office of the Rio de Janeiro Central Rain Forest Framework, which in Portuguese is referred to as “Mosaico”, because of the large number of contiguous conservation units being managed together. In fact, INNATUS has been an active institution in this Framework since 2009.

When dealing with planning and managing of private owned conservation units, INNATUS’ actuation is also distinguished for having been the pioneer entity in Brazil to receive grants from National Environment Fund (FNMA) for this purpose. We share with Instituto Ambiental – OIA, a Brazilian NGO, the merit of having executed the Forest Stewardship Plan for El Nagual e Querência, both well succeeded private reserves located in Rio de Janeiro State.

INNATUS has a tradition of working with ecotourism and with the development of agroecology consortia. We act among riverains in order to cause them to commit to producing standards which are harmless to natural remaining ecosystems. Our own commitment with the restoring of the natural landscape brought us the urge of having our own seedling and plant nursery unit. That´s where we propagate the forest and mangroves biodiversity and where we offer courses for the riverains enrolled in our activities.

Here are some pictures of our work in APA Guapimirim: